Step back in time as you walk onto the drawbridge spanning a dry moat.  You will be enchanted by a time of Knights and Princesses, Wizards and Dragons.
   Enter through the big double castle doors into the Great Hall of Dane Castle, a 12th century medieval Norman Keep.  The Great Hall is filled with hundreds of bladed weapons, several suits of armor, chain mail, King and Queen throne chairs, and select pieces of royal art such as Isis, a five foot tall blue dragon with a chess board on her back.
   Located in the quaint hamlet of Strongstown, PA (Route 422 Indiana County) Dane Castle is one mile North on Route 403...the first castle on the right.

Dane Castle established September 11, 2002

Dane Castle is open to pre-scheduled tours from April through the end of October.    To schedule your party, wedding, meeting, seminar, photo shoot or other event phone:  814 749-7341
or write to:
Dane Castle  PO Box 10  Strongstown, PA  15957
or for more information email: 

   Dane Castle is always looking for people to be part of the Dane Castle family.  (knights, artisans, craftsmen, warriors, etc.)  If you are interested in joining us please contact Mike or Cathy at Dane Castle at (814) 749-7341.

   You can find driving directions from any point using, just enter your starting point.  Your ending point will be: Strongstown, PA  15957 
NOTE:  (DO NOT enter 'Dane Castle' or 'Frederick Road', it just makes it more confusing.) 

Local Driving Directions to Dane Castle:
   From Route 422 East (Indiana, PA) or Route 422 West, (Ebensburg, PA) just follow Route 422 until you get to the blinking light in Strongstown, PA.  (this is the intersection with Route 403)  Turn onto Route 403 North.  Go approximately 1 mile.  You will see the castle in the field on your right.  Turn right onto Frederick Road, then left to the castle.

For further directions call us at  (814) 749-7341.

   *While we welcome visitors, Dane Castle is also our home, so please give us the courtesy of calling ahead to schedule a tour or visit.  Please don't show up unannounced and expect us to drop everything to give you a tour on the spur of the moment.
  (814) 749-7341

  If you are interested in purchasing or adopting a horse, see our "War Horses" page and click the link to "Horses for Sale/Adoption".   If there are other animals needing homes, we will link them on this page also.